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Ackermann, Katsiaryna

Investigating internal ways of lexical expansion in early PIE

Barðdal, Jóhanna

The emergence of non-canonical subject marking in Indo-European

Barnes, Timothy

Homeric ἐννῆμαρ

Bertocci, Davide

Beyond lexical etymology: nasal morphology and verbs of hitting, breaking, cutting, touching, and binding

Blažek, Václav

Indo-European ‘barley’: a new etymology

Bock, Bettina

Rekonstruktion von Semantik

Carling, Gerd

Johansson, Niklas

Organising the outsiders – the Indo-European lexicon of iconicity

Casaretto, Antje

Schneider, Carolin

The relationship between etymology and semantics in the local particles of the R̥gveda

Cohen, Paul S.

Latin papāver ‘poppy’, Greek πάπυρος ’papyrus’, Latin pōpulus ‘poplar tree’ and (P)IE nouns in ‘e-reduplication’

Dahl, Eystein

Aspects of the morphosyntax of subjecthood in Latin

De Lamberterie, Charles

Sur le nom du ‘rêve’ en indo-européen balkanique

Fellner, Hannes A.

Grestenberger, Laura

The Greek and Latin verbal governing compounds in * and their prehistory

Gante, Christiane

Germanic *ga(-) revisited. Some thought on etymology, phonology and inherited word formations

Gąsiorowski, Piotr

Against Old European: Why we need to be more specific

Hansen, Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard

Layers of root nouns in Germanic: chronology, structure, and origin

Hyllested, Adam

Again on pigs in ancient Europe: the Fennic connection

Irslinger, Britta

Western Europe: linguistic areas, substrates and the development of the noun phrase

Jasanoff, Jay

*weid- ‘notice’ and the PIE thematic aorist


Junttila, Santeri

Proto-Finnic borrowings in the Baltic languages – are there any?

Kloekhorst, Alwin

Hittite ẖūmantet and the PIE instrumental ending

Kocharov, Petr

From syntax to the etymology of Armenian martc ‘possible’

Korn, Agnes

Final troubles: Armenian stem classes and the word-end in Late Old Persian

Kroonen, Guus

Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic: a sneak preview

Kulikov, Leonid

Quasi-denominatives in Vedic: evidence form Indo-European for a typology of light verbs and denominatives

Kümmel, Martin Joachim

Germanic etymological problems

Lühr, Rosemarie


Majer, Marek

The etymology of Proto-Slavic *niz- ‘down, low’ and some similar forms in other branches

Malzahn, Melanie

The second to branch off? The Tocharian lexicon revisited

Martirosyan, Hrach

European and Mediterranean substrate words in Armenian

Matasović, Ranko

Substratum words in Balto-Slavic

Meier-Brügger, Michael

Über das Vokabular der altindogermanischen Sprachen zurück in die Realien der Steinzeit

Melchert, H. Craig

‘Western affinities’ of Anatolian

Mihaylova, Biliana

The Pre-Greek substratum revisited

Nielsen Whitehead, Benedicte

The emergence of the ‘pickpocket’ word-formation pattern in medieval Europe

Oettinger, Norbert

Die Wechsel /n- und -i/n- im Rahmen der indogermanischen Heteroklisie

Peyrot, Michaël

On the etymology of Tocharian B yolo ‘bad’

Pinault, Georges-Jean

Tracing the expression of mastery and power in IE languages

Piwowarczyk, Dariusz

Latin māteriēs and the derivational history of the -iēs/-ia abstracts

Poccetti, Paolo

New evidence for IE words for ‘moon/month’ and ‘sun’ from the Sabellic languages

Pronk, Tijmen

The Indo-European singulative

Pronk-Tiethoff, Saskia

Loanwords and the productivity of the feminine ū-stems in Proto-Slavic

Sadovski, Velizar

Roots deep in Heaven: Indo-Iranian ritual concepts in a cross-cultural perspective

Schuhmann, Roland

Where is the substrate in the Germanic lexicon?

Schumacher, Stefan

The development of the PIE middle voice in Albanian

Šefčík, Ondřej

The functional view on satem isoglosses

Smitherman, Thomas

Prospects for the formal reconstruction of   non-canonical argument structure in Proto-Indo-European

Van Been, Lucien

The etymology of Greek πέπαμαι

Vennemann, Theo

Nicht-indogermanische Spuren vorgeschichtlicher Wirtschaftsverhältnisse im typonomischen Lexikon Mitteleuropas

Vernet, Mariona

Considerations on the origin of full-grade Latin statives from PIE verbal roots: a new proposal

Villanueva Svensson, Miguel

Notes on the Balto-Slavic verb

Viti, Carlotta

Flat taxonomies in the IE lexicon

Whittaker, Gordon

The status of Euphratic within Indo-European

Widmer, Paul

Combinatory and functional restrictions on pronominal clitics in Hittite

Willson, Kendra

Runic coordination and the death of IE *ke

Yakubovich,  Ilya

Etymology of Slavic *čьrtъ ‘demon, devil’ in the light of Indo-European semantic parallels

Zair, Nicholas

(False) etymology and ‘Sabine -l-

Zeilfelder, Susanne

Wortfelder und etymologische Pfade

Elmegård Rasmussen, Jens

Closing speech of appreciation